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Hilary Duff

Hey guys! I have really been in a mood to create things lately and even tho I have been getting many lovely comments no one is taking the graphics and using them :( This makes me sad. lol Therefore I am trying a new thing. How this works is I am going to start making different headers, Hilary Duff is the first celeb featured because I thought she would appeal to more people here, and if you want the header you let me know and I will change the "yourname.livejournal.com" to your link or whatever you would prefer it to say. So, it is customizable! Also, there will be icons for each header. You don't have to use to header to use the icons!

So, if you want the header just leave me a comment and tell me what you would like it to say.

Image hosting by Photobucket

01 Image hosting by Photobucket 02Image hosting by Photobucket 03Image hosting by Photobucket

01. Credit n0sleept0night
02. Comment on what you are saving.
03. No alterations allowed!
04. Save all graphics to your computer and upload to your own server!

(Click here for further info on rules, crediting (how to), and sources)
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It's beautiful =]
I like Hilary Duff but I'm more into non-celeb headers/layouts, like the one I'm using now.
But it's very beautiful =]
its realy nice