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Graphics make me happy

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Welcome to spiffy_graphics your one stop community to fill all your graphic needs. This community was started by flirty_chick on September 16, 2005 and has been growing ever since. This is the place where you can get all the spiffy graphics you want. We make icons, f.o banners, headers, colorbars, layouts and much more! We also offer a number of gorgeous freebies. We hope you enjoy it here at spiffy_graphics. Please read the rules and than join!!


--Comment To Say What You Are Taking.
--Credit Is A Must!! Credit How The Maker Asks.
--Please Do Not Customize or Change Anything Without the Permission Of The Maker!
--Absolutley NO Hotlinking.
--If You Want Posting Access Notify whatsername_gd


Devon (whatsername_gd) is the Moderator and maintainer of spiffy_graphics. She is also a maker here. There are other makers.

  • oxiluvronnie

  • lola_thatsme
  • n0sleept0night

    Please show them the respect they deserve. We're always looking for makers so if you are interseted you can comment here http://community.livejournal.com/spiffy_graphics/1468.html

  • Affiliates

    Challenge rules may vary. But the winner will have his or her graphic posted throghout the community until the next challege winner.

    If the challenge for one week is to make an icon than the winning icon will be the communities default icon until there is another icon challenge.

    Example 2:
    If the challenge for another week is to make a header than the winning header will be the communities header until there is another header challenge.

    Promote Us!!

    We would appreciate it if you would place a banner in your info to promote us. The banners can be found here
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